The Chrysalis unfolds

Piano Lessons: from an early age I loved to improvise rather than read music

Guitar Desire: Along with the harp it was always a favourite sounding instrument.

Musical Landscapes: I'm very cautious of music-style labels. I therefore go along with a musician friend of mine's description: Musical Landscapes and Underground Folk.

“Daylight Watercolour” (Where Mist and Fire Make Gold) My very first home-recorded acoustic album, produced in Arizona USA. Recorded in Southern Germany.

“Love and Survive”: A follow-up second album as yet awaiting release.

From Street Musician to the Castle Concert I told my audience, 'I feel so at home here' as the high walls of the castle faded into the Spetember night sky. Their 25years Jubileum Concert programme at the Altes Schloss, Baden-Baden and my: 'I'd love to do it' step, from street to something uniquely different.

Life is a Long Song Over thirty years as a street musician in three countries, and then along came three garden parties which prepared me to 'rise to the occasion' of playing the castle concert this year.

Softening the Blow with a Hammer 'You're not a guitar player!' exclaimed a friend one time. I had visited him to share a new song I had composed. Later, I mentioned this to my one time guitar teacher. 'You are what you think you are', he replied.

I am not a guitar player, in the literal sense of that term. The instrument`s tone has always attracted me and I compose on the guitar, the tunes I often hearin my head. It started in this fashion as a thirteen year-old , with the purchase of an "Otwin" six string, at secondary school and the guitar came with a American Folk Song book, compiled by Allan Lomax and Mike Seeger. These were some of the very first tunes I later began to play, when I picked up the instrument again, to begin learing to teach myself, as best I could, as a twenty four year-old. Soon after this, I had the wonderful guidence of Derek Hall. to teach me the music of Mississippi John Hurt. From that moment , I began to struggle and succeed in learning to play the guitar.

The street-musician of yester-year has never been quite forgotten. I know that I heard my first, in the London Tube, as a ten year-old, and still recall the excitement of hearing that to this day. One was a flamenco guitarist and the next day a saxophonist. I even remember that the flamenco player had no shoulder- strap to his guitar, he played it standing up, without. I guess, something deep within me always knew that a subway makes for a fantastic sound, and so as soon as I started to play Mississippi John Hurt songs, I also began to play , under the subway in town. The river kept flooding and in the early 90`s all but one were filled-in. I even composed a song down there, "You Look So Beautiful, You Look So Fine."

As for Oscar Grammy When I first started to take guitar lessons it was such a relief to step out of the notion of competitive thinking. All was so new. Nobody to compare with.

Sublime Insight I was learning for the first time, through the guitar, how to live an intimate, creative, non-competitive life.

This snow-bright morning it came to mind to print these three words on a T-shirt: 'Cherish, Care And Protect


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